Hints and Tips

Profile Bio

Do you know how many “Bubbly”, “Fun”, and “Naughty” cammers there are out there? If you weren’t you wouldn’t be doing this. What makes you different?

  • Size, shape?
  • Likes/Dislikes?
  • Hobbies/Interests?
  • Fantasies/Experience?

Add a bit of you, your own quirky, nerdy, simple, straight, mischievous, articulate, down to earth nature to your profile.

Profile Pictures

Two things to think about: Quality and Content, a quick mirrored selfie taken with your camera phone in a back bedroom just aint going to cut it.

Quality - We live in a digital age of high definition, your clients will expect the very best quality

  • Use a digital camera if you have one, if not, borrow one
  • A good quality camera phone will just about do it
  • Get someone to take the pictures for you
  • Smile!!! DO NOT pout… Boys DO NOT find it sexy or alluring!
  • Take your time, do not rush the picture it will become blurred
  • Compose DO NOT pose, make sure you are in the centre and filling the frame
  • Light - Make sure it is bright and that any light is BEHIND the camera

Content - Ensure you are the star, be aware of what is going on in the scene behind you, an unmade bed and dirty laundry on the floor is no turn on! What’s going to help you stand out from a page of all the other Webcammers?

  • Colour – Bright colours will jump out from a screen
  • Interest – A location, a car, a bike?
  • Props – A hobby, Jodhpurs, boots and crop?
  • Scenarios – Secretary look seated on a desk?
  • Fun – Sparkling wine erupting from a bottle?
  • Drama – A puff of cigar smoke, or trailing smoke from nostrils?

The tools of the trade… Regardless of how unique you are, if your equipment is not up to it, your profile won’t be either! You will need…

  • A reliable internet connection – It’s all about streaming… You need yourself to be broadcast seamlessly; no-one will pay to watch a robot on a screen
  • A good quality and reliable PC/Laptop is a must, this will ensure you are not plagued by PC nuisances
  • A Webcam , preferably a HD Plug in one, built in ones will get you started but you’ll soon find these restrictive and the image quality is poor compared to a dedicated plug in HD webcam (Logitech 920HD or Microsoft lifecam)

For more Personalised hints and tips simply register today, work can and should be fun! We are here to help you get the very best out of your time on line…